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I’m a kate’s law wiki, or commercial lawyer, in Auckland. English actually lacks lots of familial concepts that other languages have. Consider Croatian: Ujak means an uncle on your mother’s side, and stric means an uncle on your father’s side. This kind of distinction is common around the world, but in English, we just have one word: uncle. Urdu goes deeper, with words for people three degrees away from you. Your husband’s elder brother’s wife, for example, is jethani, and your husband’s younger brother’s wife is devrani. A Pakistani friend of mine learned Urdu as a child, then picked up English by watching TV, and our vague language drove her nuts. While watching a movie, whenever the kids said, ‘grandma’ or ‘granddad,’ I used to be like, ‘Which grandma!? Be specific!’” she tells me.

Experienced legal counsel is often needed for a business or corporation as legal issues arise throughout its life. From how to structure the business entity at the outset to legal issues concerning its daily operations to business disputes, your business can benefit from the advice and guidance of an attorney who handles such matters on a daily basis. At the Mead Law & Title, you will find a legal team of attorneys with a combined 47 years of experience in assisting business owners, business managers, small companies and large corporations with all of their legal needs.

The First Amendment protects Americans’ rights to freely exchange ideas—even false or controversial ones. If the government passed laws outlawing fake news, that would be censorship that would also have a chilling effect on real news that people disagree with.

As one gives more substance and detail to the general notions of endorsement, rationality, and the relevant conditions under which rational people would endorse morality, one moves further from providing a definition of morality in the normative sense, and closer to providing an actual moral theory. And a similar claim is true for definitions of morality in the descriptive sense, as one specifies in more detail what one means in claiming that a person or group endorses a system or code. In the following four sections, four broad ways of making the definitions of morality more precise are presented. They are all sufficiently schematic to be regarded as varieties of definition, rather than as theories.

Any individual partner in a partnership can typically bind the whole formation to another business deal or contract. For example, if a partner signs a contract with a supplier at a price the partnership cannot afford, another partners can be held personally responsible for the funds owed under the contract.

This book achieves three objectives. The first is to show that international law is not a monolith. The second is to map the cross-country similarities and differences in international legal norms in different fields of international law, as well as their application and interpretation with regards to geographic differences. The third is to make a first and preliminary attempt to explain these differences. It is organized into three broad thematic sections, exploring: conceptual matters, domestic institutions and comparative international law, and comparing approaches across issue-areas. The chapters are authored by contributors who include leading international law and comparative law scholars with diverse backgrounds, experience, and perspectives.

As a graduate, you may have the opportunity to work on large transactions that involve well-known Australian and international organisations. This can be particularly rewarding for graduates who have an interest in the corporate world, or enjoy working with commercial transactions and contracts. The downside is that, if you’re working with an international client, you may find yourself scheduling meetings at odd hours to accommodate the needs of stakeholders in different timezones.

If you have liability insurance, your insurance company may be able to help you with the contract as well. To the insurance company, having a good contract is like having quality deadbolts on your doors. The tighter your contract terms are, the more protected you will be.

A business organisation has short term and long-term objectives. Proper analyses of environmental factors help the business firm to frame plans and policies that could help in easy accomplishment of those organisational objectives. Without undertaking environmental scanning, the firm cannot develop a strategy for business success.

The master’s program goes to a training of specialists, who possess knowledge in legal grounds of business activity, that are necessary for modern managers and entrepreneurs; improvement of legal training of professionals for state and municipal management system, who are able to support management on the legal basis and law effective in business activity.

As a student being taught in both the School of Law and the Liverpool Business School, you will receive excellent ​support from academics who specialise in various areas of UK law, as well as business academics and practitioners with diverse backgrounds, research experience and teaching methods.

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